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Rekindle Your Sex Life — Sofia Ashley [211]
March 10, 2020

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Chances are that your sex life changed drastically after you had a child. But today’s podcast guest, sex coach Sofia Ashley, tells us that it doesn’t have to be a desert out there. We CAN rekindle our sex lives and have mindful, empowered sexual experiences after kids. It just takes a little attention and love. 


1. Self-love is self-care! Boosts the immune system and mental health

2. Mindfulness is a big part of coming back to our bodies & sexuality postpartum

3. Do it for you. Resentment can build if you’re doing it “for him” or “for the relationship”

Sofia is a sexuality educator, certified sex coach, and Founder of the Happy Vagina Project. She supports mothers to reclaim their sexuality and themselves after kids.

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