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Raising Eco-Conscious Kids — Sheila Morovati [232]
July 14, 2020

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When our lives are busy, we don’t often see how wasteful our habits can be. But our kids care about the environment and are often passionate about taking steps to protect our planet. Sheila Morovati comes on the Mindful Mama podcast to talk about how she noticed a few simple ways we were wasting and transformed them from waste into abundance. 


1. Crayons can be a big garbage problem or a gift for in-need communities.

2. Small steps can make a big difference.

3. Kids care and want to take actions to help reverse global warming.

With a degree in Sociology from UCLA Sheila has successfully been growing her nonprofits since 2011. She lives in LA with her husband and 2 children. Follow along with Sheila on Instagram @crayoncollection & @howchangers.

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