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Pandemic Parenting Into The Fall— Meghan Fitzgerald [233]
July 21, 2020

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So many of us parents are concerned about what will happen (or not happen) with school this fall. Is it safe? What will the schedule be like? The only thing certain is that it will be different. So perhaps we need to broaden our definition of what it means to do school. Perhaps learning could even go outdoors? I talk to Megan Fitzgerald, co-founder of Tinkergarten, about how to support kids best in these times. 


1. Outdoors is a safer place for kids to be social and learn right now.

2. We can set up our home environments to optimize independent play.

3. We can teach kids to manage risks playfully.

Meghan Fitzgerald alongside her husband, Brian founded Tinkergarten. Meghan previously worked as an Elementary School Principal and teacher as well as a Math/Science Specialist. Follow Meghan on Instagram @tinkergarten.

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