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Family Mindfulness Retreat {76}
July 25, 2017

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Family mindfulness retreat? Yes, it exists! Earlier this summer, my two girls, husband, and I packed ourselves off to a quiet mountain in New York for a week of no phones, no wifi, no screens, no alcohol, no meat…and it was actually fun! In this episode, I tell you all about it. 

Around 200 people were there, interested in living mindfully, including tons of children and teens. As adults, we had lots of meditation time, and our children learned mindfulness practices too. My girls were taught mindful eating and mindfulness songs by friendly monks and nuns in brown robes.

Real, unguarded, at ease, open –these words describe many of the retreat participants after a few days. It was so different from everyday life.

Here are shots of the retreat from Olga at Newport Shots photography:

Would this be right for your family? Listen to find out!

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