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Do It For You {103}
February 6, 2018

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As a culture, women are not valued just for ourselves. We’re valued in relation to others — as mothers, partners, sisters, daughters.

Think about it: do you feel better doing something for your child?

When I was at the Philadelphia Women’s March, I saw a sign that said it all.

Check it out:

Makes you think, eh?

Often we hear that it politics — that someone is voting for something because they have a daughter, or sister, etc.

And us moms, we don’t even realize that we subconsciously undervalue ourselves or only value ourselves in relation to others.

This week’s podcast episode is about all the reasons you should go on retreat…the growth, learning, relaxation, sisterhood and more. But I challenge you to take time for yourself simply because you deserve it.

You deserve it because you’re here, living, and breathing. 

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Wishing you a peaceful week.

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