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Easy Meditation practices
After you wake up your body with yoga, practice this.

3-Minute Guided meditation

5-Minute Guided Meditation

Instructions: Find a quiet time and place. Sit up tall either on a cushion or a chair. Sit upright, but relaxed. Be comfortable! If you are on a chair, sit away from the seat­back with your feet firmly on the floor.

Either cup your hands, letting your thumbs touch, or simply rest them on your legs. Set a timer so you don't have to worry about the time.

Close your eyes fully or almost fully. Bring your attention to your breath and your body. Let your mind be spacious and your heart be kind and soft. Feel your breath at your belly, your chest, or just below your nose. Let your breath be natural. Notice each in­breath and notice each out­breath. You can say to yourself: “breathing in” and “breathing out.”

Your mind will wander right away. That's normal! The goal is not to stop your thoughts, but to train your attention. You can label your thoughts “thinking” if you want, then return your attention to your breath, again and again, and again, and again.

Meditation is simple but not easy. It thrives on practice and a kind approach. If you do this simple practice every day, you will gradually grow in groundedness and understanding.

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