Hunter Clarke-Fields

Stop Yelling. There's a better way to parent now.

Remember when you swore you’d never be that yelling, irritable mom?

Yet how many times have you found yourself in stressful parenting situations when dealing with your kids… and the harsh words coming out of your mouth sounds like one or both of your parents?

Do you wonder why you find yourself exhibiting those very same harmful behaviors you always claimed to hate?

Ask yourself: Are you parenting like your authentic, loving self or are you mimicking your culture or how your mom and dad parented you?

Nobody ever said being a parent would be easy. Each day there are endless new challenges to deal with. That’s just the nature of the job.

And since parenting isn’t taught in school, all we have to go by are how our mom and dad parented us. And maybe a Dr. Phil and Oprah show here and there. That’s it.

It’s not your fault. It’s not even your parents’ fault. Toxic behavior is passed from generation to generation.

If you're here, chances are you know it's time to change these generational patterns.

Imagine... being your true loving self with your kids instead of mimicking the destructive parenting traits of your ancestors and the larger culture.

Imagine... knowing how to skillfully handle even the most stressful and challenging of situations with mindful parenting and loving communication skills.

Imagine... creating willing cooperation from your child, creating a relationship that is strong for a lifetime!

I'm here to let you know that it's possible. That's why I built the Mindful Parenting Membership!

Get the training, skills, and on-going support that your family deserves:


"Hunter really embodies unconditional love and compassion for the parents! She knows there is not just one way to act (while holding her knowledge of what is shown to work in decreasing suffering), and that each families needs and situations are different."

—Valerie Rose


“This showed me how to be the person I want to be. And gave me the tools to do that! I don't see why anybody would not do this course!”

—Tiffany Pereirra


"Before Mindful Parenting, my daughter and I were constantly yelling at each other. She would withhold affection and not let me touch her in any way. My words were a trigger for her and I would react by either lecturing, yelling or withdrawing. I felt at a loss, I did not know what to do to bring her closer.

After this course I am so much calmer, more curious, and even creative. I have more energy is up and I’m much kinder, not only with my daughter, but people around me as well-friends, patients, strangers.

Hunter helped me get my daughter back and our relationship is much better that it ever was. I finally feel my true self. For the first time since I became mom I enjoy motherhood."



"Before Mindful Parenting I felt most of my interactions with my kids was giving them orders and I felt more like a commander than a mother. I not only learned awareness skills, but I got to practice them in realtime. I began to notice when my mind was future-focused and racing to the next task on my to-do list, which was causing a disruption because I was the one interrupting what my kids were doing. Now I realize the ticket to the universe begins with the breath. "


Are you ready to transform your relationships and your family—for a lifetime?

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