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You are an amazing mama.

But it’s not easy and you’re struggling. Frustration, worry and stress aren't allowing you to enjoy this beautiful family you've created.

You know it could be so much better, more joyful.

And you don't want to waste anymore of this precious time (after all, isn't that what all the older ladies are telling you? "It all goes by so fast!")

I get it because I've been there.

I can help you:

How we show up as a parent is our responsibility.

No fluff. Here are the ways you can transform your parenting:

Mindful Parenting Membership
Learn mindfulness and skillful communication for an awakened family.
Stop Yelling Formula
Want to stop yelling for good? The comprehensive 5-step system is finally here.
Daily Practice
A 28 day program to guide you in creating a nourishing daily yoga and mindfulness practice, designed for busy moms.
Yoga Mama Home Practice
Comprehensive package of downloadable yoga videos from the supportive, mindful teacher that you trust.

Giving Back: A portion the proceeds of every program goes to support the great work following organizations: Women for Women International, Transformation Yoga Project, and the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.

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