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What I learned at Family Mindfulness Retreat (& family pictures!)
July 17, 2018

just got home from a 5-day Family Mindfulness Retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery in New York state (pictures below).

In fact, this is the first time I’ve opened my laptop – which is weird for me, as I connect with my clients and you, the Mindful Mama community – online.

So while I don’t have a new podcast for you this week, I’ll share my fresh takeaways from taking five days to go completely offline, slow down, and connect with the here and now:

What I Learned At Family Mindfulness Retreat

1. Slow Down

It was hard for me to slow down to the pace of retreat at first.

There, we were instructed to eat slowly, walk slowly, and take our time with everything. There was never any need to hurry because there was plenty of space for everything. I didn’t have to drive anywhere. We took almost an hour to walk slowly through the woods and pause to breathe and enjoy the sights, and sounds of a beautiful pond.

Eventually I loved slowing down. It gave me the space I needed to enjoy the beautiful flower, the fresh air, and the beauty of my daughters’ faces.

We can take this into our lives at home.

It might start with giving yourself more time in the morning so that you don’t have to hurry.

Hunter, you can slow things down. What’s the alternative? If you rush through every day of your life, you will have missed it all.

2. Practice Appreciation

At Family Retreat we were encouraged to smile and to practice appreciating nature and the people around us. This brings substantially more happiness into each day.

Since our minds are wired for survival – alert for problems and negativity, deliberately practicing appreciation is smart habit. When you practice to appreciate what is around you, you can enjoy right here and now.

At retreat, there were signs around encouraging you to smile and appreciate the present moment. You can do that too! A sticky note works wonders. 🙂

3. The Power of Community

My final takeaway from retreat is about the power of a community that shares your values. Being around others who know the power of mindfulness strengthened my conviction in the practice.

You can do this too. Find others who want to slow down and practice being present. Find others who are want to transform harmful generational patterns.

This is where our online community can be powerful. Reach out in the Mindful Mama Facebook group to see who is in your area and schedule a meet up.


… share your takeaways from this newsletter: where can you slow down? Start the conversation.

And now, here are my pics from retreat – my husband, girls, and my mom too:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sharing and that it inspires you to slow down too.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to join me for a Mindful Mama retreat soon.

With warmth & lovingkindness,

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