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What Do Kids Need? Part 1 — Expert Round Table [147]
December 24, 2018

what do kids need an expert round table podcast interview with Hunter Clarke-Fields

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To wrap up the year I invited experts from some of my favorite interviews to return to the podcast for a roundtable discussion. I asked them all the same three questions and was fascinated by the answers. I think you will be too as I talk with guests Carla Naumburg, Dr. John Duffy, Anna Seewald, Katherine Reynolds Lewis, and Julie Lithcott-Haims about what kids need. 

In this episode you’ll hear each of the experts answer the following questions:

  1. What advice would you give yourself when you were a younger, struggling parent?
  2. What do kids need?
  3. How do we give that to them?

If you would like to listen to the original interviews with these guests I’ve listed them here.

  1. Carla Naumburg
    1. #144 10 Reasons Why Retreats Are Important
    2. #119 Stop Self-Sacrificing!
    3. #85 How to Discipline Your Kids Mindfully
    4. #71 What’s Your Attachment Style?
  2. Dr. John Duffy
    1. #105 Available Parenting in the Long Term
  3. Anna Seewald
    1. #82 Give Your Children Space For Authenticity
    2. #131 How to Stop Yelling
  4. Katherine Reynolds Lewis
    1. #127 Good News About Bad Behavior
  5. Julie Lithcott-Haims
    1. #125 How To Raise An Adult

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What advice would you give your younger self?

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