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Top 10 Podcasts of 2018
January 1, 2019

top 10 Mindful Mama podcast episodes of 2018

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2018 has been an amazing year! The Mindful Mama tribe has grown to over 18k who are on the path of becoming a mindful mama, and the Mindful Mama podcast has grown too.

But I bet you haven’t heard every episode! Now’s a great time to go back and listen to some you’ve missed. Here are the top ten most popular episodes of 2018!

  1. The Yes Brain – Dr. Dan Siegel [109]
    Cue the roaring applause! I am thrilled to share my conversation with the one and only Dr. Dan Siegel about The Yes Brain.
  2. How To Talk so LITTLE Kids Will Listen – Joanna Faber and Julie King [130]
    How do you practice Mindful Parenting with little kids? Joanna Faber & Julie King have written the book on it. Their communication lessons have the power to completely transform your relationship with your toddler.
  3. How To Be A Scream Free Parent – Hal Runkel [110]
    Be prepared to have the ground under your feet shifted by the powerful wisdom of Hal Runkel. He’ll question your basic beliefs and transform the way you think about parenting.
  4. How To Stay Calm In the Storm – Bob Stahl [120]
    Bob Stahl is like the wisest, gentlest uncle you’ve ever met. He came to mindfulness through experiences of great loss and failure in his life. He talks about how the practice helps parenting, anxiety, loss, and more.
  5. 3 Steps to Stop Yelling – Anna Seewald [131]
    We know in our gut that it’s harmful to yell, but it’s so hard to stop. In this episode, Anna Seewald comes back to talk about how yelling affects children and the three steps you need to stop.
  6. 6 Ways To Stay Calm With Challenging Kids [115]
    Do you have challenging kids? Most of our worst parenting happens when we lose it. If we stay calm instead, we can de-escalate situations and parent more thoughtfully. In this episode, you’ll learn from Hunter Clarke-Fields, Mindful Mama Mentor HOW to respond with calm to your child.
  7. Shauna Shapiro – Mindful Discipline & Kindness [100]
    How can we create family relationships that weather any storm? Dr. Shauna Shapiro explains how our old paradigms of parenting get it wrong, and research-proven ways to become a mindful mama.
  8. Love More, Care Less [118]
    This podcast episode will help you realize that you are not alone in your feelings about parenting and understand why it’s such a challenge. You’ll hear about the path to peace — it’s a must-listen.
  9. Highly Sensitive Persons – Julie Bjelland [135]
    Do you have a highly-sensitive child? Are you a highly sensitive person? Julie Bjelland and Hunter discuss in this episode what it feels like to be an HSP and how it often appears to others. She talks on the topic of how to mindfully parent the highly sensitive child.
  10. How To Be A Zen Parent – Todd & Cathy Adams [106]
    How do you become a Zen mama? What does that even mean? Find out in my conversation with Todd and Cathy Adams from one of my favorite podcasts, Zen Parenting Radio.

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