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The Complete Home Learning Guide – Lauren Spigelmeyer & Kimberlynn Lavelle [241]
September 15, 2020

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We are moving into a school year that looks very different from every year before, with many kids learning completely virtually or even homeschooling. So what’s the best way to learn at home? What do we need to pay attention to and what can we let go?

In this episode, I bring together two education experts, Lauren Spigelmeyer & Kimberlynn Lavelle, who will walk us through this new learning-at-home land. 


  1. Mental and emotional health is the number one priority
  2. Moving their bodies and getting outside are essential to learning and brain development
  3. We can design the space—from seating, to decor, to aroma—to optimize learning

Kimberlynn Lavelle is an Education Specialist and has worked with struggling learners with a variety of profiles for over 15 years. She now teaches the best strategies to parents so that they can teach their own children successfully! Visit her website to learn more!

Lauren Spigelmyer is the Founder of The Behavior Hub and Professor at University of Pennsylvania A teacher who stopped reacting to the daily fires of her classroom and started preventing issues. Today, she coaches parents and teachers to get the results they want using techniques learned from studying neurobiology and nutrition. Visit her website for more info!

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