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Simplify In The Family — Denaye Barahona [157]
March 5, 2019

how to bring peace and calm to your family using simplicity techniques
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Do you ever feel like your stuff is stressing you out? Well, you’re right.
Our stuff is taking a toll on our mental health and on our parenting.
Today’s guest, Denaye Barahona of Simple Families, will help you start to get a handle on the clutter. Hear how she got rid of 90% of her closet! Get inspired to simplify for you and for your children.

My biggest takeaways from this conversation:

1. Research shows that clutter causes stress and anxiety in adults

2. The question to ask to know whether it should stay or go

3. Overwhelm and too much stuff impacts our parenting for the worse

Denaye Barahona is a loving wife, mama of two and host of the Simple Families podcast where it’s all about living well by developing a healthy relationship with yourself, your family, and your home. Find out more about Denaye at https://www.simplefamilies.com/

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