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Raising Generation Mindful — Suzanne Tucker [129]
August 28, 2018

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This conversation with Suzanne Tucker was chock full of powerful lessons about life and parenting. She’s got the heart and the research behind her insights on expectations, goals, understanding the brain and play. Suzanne helps parents create rituals of connection that teach children the most invaluable tool they have in this world: emotional intelligence.

Three important points to take away from this episode:

  1. Our brain is ever ADAPTABLE and we can flip situations to see every challenge as a gift.
  2. Suzanne’s powerful parenting mantra!
  3. Punishment and boundaries are two different things. Find out which one creates learning.

She has a product I can’t recommend highly enough, the Time-In Toolkit. This is an affiliate link because I’ve finally found a product that I can recommend completely without reservation!

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