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If all you’re seeing is sh** that annoys you…read this
May 31, 2017

Do you ever get in a place where everything is driving you crazy?

At home, your child drives you crazy with the incessant repetition. Your partner isn’t appreciating you. At work, all you see are the inconsiderate choices of your co-workers. In your mind, all you hear are these critical thoughts.

And it feels crappy.

Your critical mind will tell you that it’s all THEIR fault – if only your child would listen…if only that co-worker would be less selfish…if only your partner would do something nice for you. (more…)

Thanks for the flowers, but what I REALLY want for Mother’s Day is…
May 10, 2017

Rest. Relaxation. Time to slow down.

Isn’t that true?

We live in a go, go, go culture with tons of pressure to constantly do more, achieve more, and buy more.

But why are we doing all that? 

The reason we do more, achieve more, and buy more is to feel happy.
To feel relaxed and content. (more…)

Who’s on your list?
May 3, 2017

In the 90s Oprah had a life coach on who said something that shocked her studio audience of suburban moms.

She had asked the audience to make a list of all the priorities in their lives.
Then she asked, “Where are you on that list?”
Lots of the audience did not have themselves on the list at all.

Then she made her outrageous suggestion: (more…)

When Good Moms Yell
April 26, 2017

“Isn’t yelling less damaging than hitting or spanking?”

Yelling is a natural response when your kids are rude, not listening, acting crazy or treating you poorly—or in any other situation that triggers your big feelings.


A quick decision and 5 minutes that totally changed my day
April 5, 2017

Today I was on my regular route when I made a decision that changed the course of my day. I listened to this little voice inside of me. I went down the path to the stream and I…

…hopped on rocks.

Yup, that was me – jumping from big boulder to rock to boulder in the stream.

You may be asking, what is the point of sharing this?

The point is that I made a choice to PLAY.


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