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Meditation for Kids — Tejal Patel [226]
June 2, 2020

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Meditation is a powerful tool to help us stay grounded as adults. But what about kids? What does it really look like for a child to meditate?

Banish from your mind an image of that child sitting still silently for hours. In this week’s episode of the Mindful Mama podcast, Tejal Patel shares active meditations from the Kundalini yoga tradition that help children deal with different feelings.


1. Meditation can help kids activate their “rest & relax” response at will

2. We can use language kids understand to talk about their feelings and stress

3. Kids can access the power of meditation through mantras and movement.

Tejal V. Patel, JD is a former divorce attorney turned Ayurveda, mindfulness and meditation expert for moms and kids. She’s the host of The Time-In Talks and author of new book Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety and Stay Focused.

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