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Kids’ Healthy Eating and Body Image — Eliza Kingsford [165]
April 30, 2019

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A huge number of kids today are hooked on processed foods and it has an impact on their systems and their body image. How does this happen? We’re all overstimulated and suffering from comparison overload. How do we help our children and ourselves deal with the challenges of distorted body image and eating healthfully?

Three big takeaways from this episode:

1. We’re not fueling our bodies in a loving and compassionate way.

2. When kids are hooked on hyper-palatable foods, it’s neurologically harder for them to make good decisions.

3. How to give kids autonomy in eating, while helping them pay attention to fullness cues.

Eliza Kingsford is a licensed Psychotherapist and founder of Empowered Wellness, a company providing sustainable solutions for creating food freedom and a better body image.

 How to teach kids healthy eating habits and positive body image. Podcast interview with Eliza Kingsford.

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