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Is Motherhood Broken — Brandy Ferner [199]
December 17, 2019

Mindful Mama podcast interview with Brandy Ferner Is Motherhood Broken?

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Do you ever feel like you work all day as a mom, but no one sees what you do? Brandy Ferner took a picture that went viral of a mom separated from the rest of her party at a restaurant, taking care of the baby. For hours, no one in this mom’s party stepped in to let her enjoy being part of the group.


1. As a society, we are not supporting moms.

2. We have a hard time asking for help & others don’t see we need it.

3. Why we need to question the relentless, unseen tasks of motherhood.

Brandy Ferner is a mother of two, an author, a blogger, and host of the Adult Conversation Podcast, bringing LOLs and real talk about motherhood to moms everywhere. … Her novel Adult Conversation comes out in May 2020.

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