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I was being a hypocrite-mom! Here’s how I stopped…
August 7, 2018

Now that my girls are strong, confident swimmers, I can turn into one lazy mama at the pool.

After years of being in there, helping them swim, and catching them when they jump, I figured I’d earned it.

But this summer’s found me balancing my laziness with bursts of wild jumping from the diving board and play.


Because I know my girls are watching me. I’m a model for how to live in this world.

I want them to play, explore, use their bodies, and have fun.

I want my children to be growing. 🌟

So I must do those things.

Too often we parents lean towards only what is comfortable. We get stuck in our patterns.

I’m not laying blame. Life is stressful and if you are in survival mode, then comfort is what you’ll seek.

But I know that growth is not comfortable.

Growth, by definition, is outside of your comfort zone.

So, I get off my lounge chair and practice (this is actually true) my cartwheel into the pool.

So I’m wondering where/when you can…

– play more often

– have an adventure

– learn something new

– do something that scares you (just a little bit)?

When you do, you can can know that you are walking the talk. High fives! 🙌

Psst…I’ve been sharing my behind-the-scenes life on Instagram lately. Find me there under the username: mindfulmamamentor.

Thank you so much for reading!

With warmth & lovingkindness,

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