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How to Talk to Kids About Sexuality — Amy Lang [159]
March 19, 2019

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How do we talk to our kids about their bodies and sex?!? This topic is SO important, not just for their emotional well-being, but also their safety as they grow. So I brought on Amy Lang from Birds and Bees and Kids to help us bite the bullet and have these vital conversations with our kids. Plus, she shares a TON of great resources that you should have on your bookshelf!

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Three big takeaways from this episode:

1.  Don’t avoid talking to kids about their bodies and sex. This is your job.

2. Don’t wait until your child asks the questions. Start talking about things early.

3. Informed kids make better decisions and are safer from abuse.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
What’s the Big Secret?: Talking About Sex With Boys and Girls by Laurie Krasny Brown
Who Has What?: All About Girls’ Bodies and Boys’ Bodies (Let’s Talk About You and Me) by Robie H. Harris

Since 2005, Amy Lang has helped 1000’s of parents learn how to talk with their children about sexuality, love and relationships. She takes the STING out of the birds & bees talks!

How to talk to kids about sexuality. Interview with educator and expert Amy Lang. Tips and resources for starting the conversation early.

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