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How to Help Kids Who Worry — Gail Silver [170]
June 4, 2019

How to Help Kids Who Worry Mindful Mama podcast interview with author, Gail Silver

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When it came time for her friends to arrive at her birthday party, Bea started to worry and the “what if’s” just kept piling up. That’s the basis for the new picture book by Gail Silver, Mindful Bea, and the Worry Tree, which helps kids who worry through the power of story and the tools of mindfulness. In our conversation, Gail shares what she wishes she had done when her kids were younger and how to help kids who worry.

Big takeaways from this conversation:

1. 4.4 million kids in the US have been diagnosed with worrying and anxiety

2. How to help kids who worry

3. Institute mindfulness practices and digital breaks when your kids are young

Gail is an award-winning children’s book author and freelance writer, Founder and Director of Yoga Child and Founder and Director of The School Mindfulness Project. Find her at www.gailsilver.com.

How to Help Kids Who Worry

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