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How to Help Anxious Kids – Natasha Daniels [275]
May 4, 2021

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When are fears normal for kids and when are they a cause for concern? In this episode, I talk to Natasha Daniels, anxiety & OCD Child therapist and a mom to three kids with anxiety and OCD, who helps us to distinguish between the two. She offers valuable insights into what signs to watch for and how we are best able to support our kiddos.

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  1. What normal anxiety looks like versus an anxiety disorder
  2. How to help our kids cope with and learn from anxiety
  3. The importance of empowering our kid and celebrating their bravery

Natasha Daniels is an anxiety & OCD Child therapist and a mom to three kids with anxiety and OCD. She is the host of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, the Youtube channel Ask the Child Therapist, and the creator of AT Parenting Survival.com.

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