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How To Handle Remote Learning – Steven Greene [263]
February 9, 2021

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How is it that we are here in February and STILL struggling with remote learning? Sigh. Yes, the pandemic will end one day, but in the meantime, remote learning is not working super-well for a bunch of kids. For help, I talk to author and educator Steven Greene about how we can make it better.

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  1. This is an excellent opportunity to break away from the curriculum-based model of school and give kids a chance to free play in a sense academically. 
  2. Highschoolers are at most risk for falling behind and it has a long-term impact on their future.
  3. Parents should be advocating for their child’s success. Speak to their teacher and offer solutions.

Steven Greene is an Author, Educator, and founder of mAke the grAde, a tutoring/education/training company. A lifelong educator, Dr. Greene holds a state teaching certification in Comprehensive Science.

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