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How to believe in possibility (and why that matters as parents)
January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!

I’m so glad I’m connecting with you because I have an important message today:

Too often, we’re parenting out of fear.

We’re irritable and unable to enjoy our kids because we’re afraid.

Deep down, we’re afraid that our child might “always be like this.” Or we’re afraid that we’re really f-ing them up. We’re afraid that we’re inadequate as parents, or that they are inadequate as children.

The truth is that it’s not you that’s the problem, and it’s not your children…it’s the FEAR that’s the problem.

Fears make us cranky and irritable. Fears are our old baggage. But did you know that fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real?

Fears are stories in our heads that we believe.

When we parent from this place, our children inherit our feelings of not-good-enough, because that’s the message they’re getting.

For our children to experience unconditional love, they need a message of TRUST.

I see you for all your beauty and mistakes, and I love you always. I trust who you are.

I trust in your innate goodness as a person. It doesn’t need to be imposed from the outside.

The tricky part is that our brains are wired for fear.

We evolved to survive and our anxiety centers only seem to get more active.

It takes effort to cultivate peace– disciplined, intentional practice.

We must water the seeds of possibility.

What is possible if we trust? What beauty might we see in our children?

It’s certain that we’ll see mistakes, but isn’t that okay? Isn’t it okay to learn from their wrong choices?

We show them unconditional love by loving them no matter what.

This year, let’s believe in our children’s possibilities (Heck, this year let’s believe in our own possibilities!).

Thank you so much for reading, my friend.

I want you to know that this year WILL be different.

You will change. Your children will change.

The question is…HOW will you change? Will you allow fear to run the show?

Or will you take the active effort, the investment of time and energy that it takes to cultivate peace, love, and trust?

What are your possibilities?

Sending you love.

With warmth & lovingkindness,

P.S. If you benefit from this, please do pass it on. Word-of-mouth is the best!

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