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How To Be A Zen Parent | Todd & Cathy Adams {106}
February 20, 2018

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How do you become a Zen mama? What does that even mean? Find out in my conversation with Todd and Cathy Adams from one of my favorite podcasts, Zen Parenting Radio. 

Some big takeaways from this episode include:

1. The goal of zen parenting is not to pass your baggage down to your own children. Self-awareness/mindfulness helps you see what’s coming up in you in those challenging moments.

2. They value discussion over discipline. The goal in the long run is not to teach them to fear us. The goal is to raise adults. The most important thing is to have a connection and a relationship.

3. When our kids are young we need an acceptance of how hard it is, AND what are the things you can let go of? How can you simplify? The only way you can take care of people is to put yourself first.

4. “It is not your child’s job to make you happy.”

Todd and Cathy Adams are the hosts of the Zen Parenting Radio podcast. This is what they have to say about themselves, “We are married with three daughters. We teach self-awareness. We connect through pop culture. We believe in humor & mindfulness. We know people can be a force for good. We are Zen Parenting Radio. Learn more about them at ZenParentingRadio.com.

Resources mentioned:

The Gift of Failure – Jessica Lahey
Mindset – Carol Dweck
Brainstorm – Dr. Dan Siegel

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