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Healthy Family Eating — Liz Weiss [209]
February 25, 2020

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat a healthy diet? In this episode, Liz Weiss from the Liz’s Healthy Table podcast shows us how to help everyone eat more fruits and vegetables and how to create healthy, sustainable rules for the table. This episode will help us all eat and feel better!

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1. 90% of US consumers don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

2. We are more microbial than we are human!

3. You decide what, where, and when. Your child decides if and how much.

Liz Weiss is a registered dietitian, mom of two, cookbook author, and host of the Liz’s Healthy Table podcast. She’s spent most of her career teaching busy families (parents and kids) how to get healthy and affordable meals on the table.

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