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Mindful Mama is a podcast about becoming a less irritable, more joyful parent.

"The Mindful Mama podcast is changing my life in so many good ways. I have had so much fun implementing the things I’m learning, sharing them with others, and seeing the change in my family. Thank you for your podcast, Hunter!"

"This podcast is answering all the questions swirling in my head about how to be an amazing parent. Hunter Clarke-Fields is a totally relatable mom and super entertaining."


When You and Your Partner Don’t Agree On Parenting — Avital Schreiber [141]
November 13, 2018

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What do you do when you and your partner disagree about how to parent your children? You may be into peaceful parenting while your partner wants to punish. This question is posed to me all of the time, so I’m so thrilled to talk to Avital Schreiber, The Parenting Junkie, about it. (more…)

How to Let Our Kids Grow — Lenore Skenazy [140]
November 6, 2018

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Do you worry about giving your kids more independence? Well, protecting them too much might be doing more harm than good. In this episode, I talk to Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids about her new Let Grow Movement and the vital importance of free play for our kids. (more…)

The Science of Wellbeing — Dr. Dan Siegel [139]
October 30, 2018

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How does mindfulness work to help us feel physically healthier and happier? How can we take advantage of all that mindfulness has to offer? Researcher and best-selling author, Dr. Dan Siegel comes back on the Mindful Mama Podcast. He talks about how “parental presence” has been shown to be the key to optimizing the chance of your child have a life of wellbeing and resilience.


5 Steps to a Happier Life [138]
October 23, 2018

how to be happier

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It seems like happiness should come naturally, but it doesn’t. In this episode I’ll discuss why that’s not the reality most people experience, despite what all the social media pictures look like. Happiness actually takes active effort and conscious choices. In this episode, I outline 5 Steps to a Happier Life.  (more…)

Self-Care For Anxious Times – Carla Naumburg [137]
October 16, 2018

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Are the events of the days making you anxious? They sure have for me. When the world feels uncertain, what do we do? How do we deal with the feelings that come up? Carla Naumburg and I talk about the symptoms and triggers of anxiety, its impact on parenting, and what to do about it.  (more…)

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