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5 Ways to Stay Sane this Holiday Season
December 10, 2018

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I confess: I’m jumping over to this message from Amazon where I was browsing Breyer horses.

Yup, it’s the holiday season! When our attention is often fractured in several different directions.

Are you feeling the stress of it yet?

Me too. So without further ado, I give you my five sanity-saving holiday tips: 

#1 — Prioritize your mindful self-care. During the holidays I often have more to do in the day, or I’ve stayed up the night before. While I’m tempted to ditch my alarm clock on some mornings, I (mostly) don’t. I may press “snooze,” and have a bit less time, but I prioritize my regular morning routine of meditation and yoga. This is a MUST for me if I’m not going to be a grumpy, irritable Grinch. Waking up before your kiddos can give your day a lot of groundedness and intention. What routine can you prioritize?

(Psst! I sometimes do my meditation silently and sometimes used guided meditations from the Insight Timer App — it’s a great tool and totally free. Plus, you can find guided mediations from me on there!)

#2 — Go for “good enough.” We are having a holiday party this Saturday and I am not making every dish or decorating the house to the nines. A lot of the food will be from Trader Joes. Instead of a hand-written card, I texted most of my friends an invite. Another example: while I’d love to buy every gift from a local business, I’m fine with ordering from Amazon too. I don’t want to spend my days driving all around, so that will be good enough. What can you give yourself some breathing room on?

#3 — Say “No.” You know this already, but I’ll say it here anyway: Don’t say yes to everything! Pick some things that are important to you, but give your family some down time to process things. If it’s stressful for you to get from place to place, I promise you that some of that stress is rubbing off on your kids. What can you say no to?

#4 — Say “Yes.” Say yes to the hot chocolate and staying up late. Say yes to running around outside without coats in the cold. Practice to not sweat the small stuff and make room for a little more fun. What can you say yes to?

#5 — Stay Present. My mantra for the holiday season is, “Just this.” This simple saying reminds you that whatever you are doing, just do that. Bring your attention back from worrying about the future. When you are making cookies with your kids? Just this. When you are shopping for the gift? Just this. When you are in a relaxing moment? Just this. When you become more present, not only do your worries fade, but your kids love it. Your mindful presence is truly the BEST gift you can give them (and yourself!). How can you bring some “Just this” into your life.

Which of these suggestions can you incorporate into the next few weeks? 

Don’t feel like you have to do everything. Remember, just a small change can start to shift the feeling of your days. 

Another “bonus” reminder I have for you is to keep yourself grounded with nourishing media. We are mindful of eating nutritious foods, but are we aware of what we are feeding our consciousness? The media you consume shapes your view of the world broadly and how you feel on a day-to-day basis. The shows, movies, podcasts, etc. that we listen to are the nutriments for our minds and hearts. 

So I invite you to catch up on episodes of the Mindful Mama Podcast, including this week’s amazing interview with Sumi Loundon Kim, Deepening Spirituality Together.

Your Turn:

How are you handling the holidays?

Start the conversation, or get support in your parenting over in our private FB group: The Mindful Mama Tribe.

Thank you so much for reading, my friend. If this has helped you, share it!

With warmth & lovingkindness,

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