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Meditation for Healing
June 6, 2020

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These are challenging, heartbreaking times. This is a recording of the first part of the Mindful Parenting Membership coaching call from June 2, 2020.

For more resources on mindfulness go to: https://www.mindfulmamamentor.com/resources/ or MindfulMomGuide.com.

With warmth & lovingkindness,

We’re Hiring!
May 22, 2020

Team Mindful Mama Mentor is looking for smart, savvy people who care about the work we do here.

These part-time positions are open:

1. Virtual Assistant: you must have ample experience and be extremely organized. This person’s core role is to: Keep Projects Organized. To do that, this person will focus on the following three areas: 1. administration 2. scheduling, and 3. organization & work flow.

2. Social Media Coordinator: you must have ample experience and be very familiar with the Mindful Mama vision and message. This person’s core role is to: Promote Content & Engagement. To do that, this person will focus on the following three areas: 1. marketing the Mindful Mama podcast & programs 2. vision & organization of outreach, and 3. copywriting & engagement

How To Apply:

Upload a cover letter, resume, references, and work examples (if applicable) to the following forms for each position. Include your favorite animal in line two of your cover letter.

Apply Virtual Assistant

Apply Social Media Coordinator

If you apply, we will reach out in the next two weeks.


5 Ways to Stay Sane this Holiday Season
December 10, 2018

holiday tips, mindfulness, holiday guide, calm, mindful parenting, mindful mom

I confess: I’m jumping over to this message from Amazon where I was browsing Breyer horses.

Yup, it’s the holiday season! When our attention is often fractured in several different directions.

Are you feeling the stress of it yet?

Me too. So without further ado, I give you my five sanity-saving holiday tips:  (more…)

I was being a hypocrite-mom! Here’s how I stopped…
August 7, 2018

Now that my girls are strong, confident swimmers, I can turn into one lazy mama at the pool.

After years of being in there, helping them swim, and catching them when they jump, I figured I’d earned it.

But this summer’s found me balancing my laziness with bursts of wild jumping from the diving board and play.

Why? (more…)

You’re probably doing this wrong (a better way to happiness inside)
July 24, 2018

I make this mistake all the time and I guarantee you do too… what is it?

We move through our days believing that “As soon as _______________ happens, I will be relaxed and happy.” (more…)

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