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Want to get started with mindful self-care?

Here you'll find the tools to build a practice that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.

These resources are freely offered for the benefit of all. You can share them with your friends.

May your practice, your stillness, and your learning be an offering of the heart because as we create more peace in ourselves, we create more peace for everyone.

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With warmth & lovingkindness,

Free Mindful Parenting Resources

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Less Irritable With Your Child...the course!

Do you want to be more calm with your family? Learn how to go from irritated to calm in seconds? No gimmicks, just small changes that make for BIG shifts.

Click HERE to sign up for the 5 Simple Things Course.

Free Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness meditation is a research-proven way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and become less reactive. Developing a regular practice is the foundation of mindful parenting. Start here!

3-Minute Guided meditation

5-Minute Guided Meditation

Lovingkindness Meditation


“Feeling grounded and much more relaxed”

"After a long day of being snowed in with two toddlers, I put the kids to bed early and tuned into the guided meditation. I felt so good, I had to follow it with the gentle practice. Feeling grounded and much more relaxed. Thank you, Hunter"

—Courtney Loughney, founder of LePetitYogi.com

Free Yoga Practices

Get Minimal: 4-minute morning practice

Do at least this every day and you have a daily practice!

18-minute Core Strength Vinyasa flow in my springtime backyard.

Spring Flow part 2: A 17-minute Gentle Movement Practice

Part II of the Spring Core Strength vinyasa flow - the cool down. Move, stretch, and meet my cat!



"The videos are so sweet! She does a beautiful job of explaining the poses. The practices are already thoughtful and clear and great for students. Wonderful!"

—Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of CurvyYoga.com

Hey there, Hunter here.

I hope that you have enjoyed these free resources and that they've helped create more peace for you and your family.

You may be ready for more support and accountabilty on your journey.

I've got you covered.

CLICK HERE to learn about the different ways we can work together. I'm looking forward to it!

With warmth & lovingkindness,


“I definitely recommend Hunter”

"I started working with Hunter when I was in the midst of a big transition in my life. I constantly felt tired and overwhelmed. Right after the first few sessions I started to feel the difference in my everyday life, the way I feel and how I approach challenging situations. Her practices and tools were easy for me to incorporate into my busy days and now they've become such important part of my life.

Not long ago my 2 year old son and I traveled to Europe for the first time together and I was quite nervous about this trip for several reasons. Hunter's mindfulness practices like the lovingkindess meditation helped me stay calm and centered even in really challenging and stressful situations.

Hunter is so easy to talk to and I always felt that she's not just listening but really hearing me. With her intuition and presence over the phone, she always created such a calm and nurturing space during our sessions that I carried on long after our time was over.

I would definitely recommend Hunter to anyone who need more peacefulness and more ease in her/his everyday life."

—Livia Kenyeres, Toronto, Ontario

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