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On a mission to change generational patterns

When my daughters were young I struggled (to say the least!).

It was so much harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to be a that calm, perfect mama, but I was wracked with anxiety and my anger and frustration would rage.

My children were like little Zen masters showing me all the stuff I still have to work on.

Now I can see my anger, frustration and impatience as teachers in practicing a path of peace.

Becoming a parent was the biggest change in my life. And my girls give me powerful motivation to become calmer and more peaceful. Read more about my parenting story here.

I want to practice compassion, loving speech, and deep listening with my girls. I know that in order to give them that, I have to nurture it in myself first.

We cannot give what we do not have. When I am thriving, when I have calm and peace within – then I can give it to my children.

Here are a few random things about me:

I believe that it is possible for us to revolutionize the way we live and parent our children.

We can be wonderfully imperfect mindful mamas. We can live and parent knowing that peace begins within. We can choose to become the change we want to see in the world.

And these changes can (and will!) ripple out through generations.

When you are thriving, happy, and at peace, then you will give your best self to your family, work, and life. The way you live matters.

Not only will your family benefit from having a calm and fulfilled mama, but you will model mindful living.

Peace begins with you. Practicing mindfulness adds to the peace in your family and in the world.

I want to give you the shortcuts and systems that I didn't have. Don’t waste one precious minute of this brief and amazing life suffering with stress, frustration and anxiety.

It can be different. Not just for your family, but for your child's family, and generations to come!

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With warmth & lovingkindness,

Team Mindful Mama Mentor


Chelsea Gildea (Integrator) lives in Wilmington, DE with her husband and two kids. Her son, Roan, just turned 8 and her daughter, Willow, is 5. During "Mommy Time" she loves to read and spend time on her yoga practice. She has been a part of the Mindful Mama Mentor team since June 2020. As Team Integrator, she does all things Mindful Mama Mentor! As a mother of kids with ADHD, she has found the Mindful Parenting course to be totally transformative in her family dynamic. She is so grateful to be able to do what she can to help bring this to other families!


Emma Greening (Technical & Admin Assistant) is a lover of motherhood, coffee and the great outdoors. She calls Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) home where she lives with her husband, and 3 young boys. Her journey with Mindful Mama began as an avid podcast listener and has since evolved into a passion for helping parents transform their parenting and laying the foundation for future generations.


Lynn Weller (Community Manager) got started as a member of Mindful Parenting in 2019 because she struggled with yelling and wanted to create a peaceful household to raise her three children. Since then she sees positive changes everyday by yelling less, being more present at home, and having loving, open conversations with her family. Now as a member of the Mindful Mama Mentor team, she is excited to help other parents do the same! Lynn has a passion for learning, building community, and promoting healthy lifestyles. She feels good knowing that her work contributes to the health and wellbeing of future generations around the globe.


Yvonne Tolentino - de Ruña (Customer Care) joined the Mindful Mama Mentor Team in August 2020. She lives in Santa Clara, California where she and her husband are raising their two children. "Being able to contribute to helping other parents transform their parenting and to learn the valuable tools to be present are some of the meaningful reasons why I am excited to be a part of the team!"


Sam Hayden (Sound & Video Editor) is passionate about many different things. He grew up in rural Vermont and enjoys spending most of his time bouldering, foraging for wild mushrooms, and exploring the natural world. Currently, he is studying Art History at the University of Vermont and serves on the Board of Directors for CRAG-VT, a non-profit dedicated to preserving access to climbing in Vermont and expanding the sport. He is 22 years old and enjoys his audio editing position at Mindful Mama Mentor very much!


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Official Bio

Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, RYT, is a mindful mama mentor. Hunter is the creator of the Mindful Parenting course, host of the Mindful Mama podcast and widely-followed author of Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids. She helps parents bring more calm and peace into their daily lives. Hunter has over twenty years of experience in meditation practices and has taught mindfulness to thousands worldwide.

Hunter is a widely-followed author and podcaster. Her writing has appeared in CNBC, NBC, the Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, MOPS, Elephant Journal, Mothering, and a number of other online magazines and websites. She is the mother of two active daughters, who challenge her everyday to hone her craft!

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